Wednesday, April 11, 2012

banana chocolate chip bread for breakfast

Last saturday morning, I made this awesome banana chocolate chip bread for breakfast. I used this recipe:

with the following changes.

First, I replaced the egg with another banana. This was because I had 4 bananas to use up, and I had remembered hearing that a banana was a good egg replacer in baking. Next, I replaced the nuts with chocolate chips. This shouldn't be surprising, since my post is for banana chocolate chip bread, instead of banana nut bread. Finally, I used white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose, because that's what I had at home.

This bread had a really wonderful flavor. It was sort of buttery, which was strange since it contains no butter. It was really amazing, and I hope anyone who stumbles across this tries it.

The bread I made was not vegan, since my chocolate chips weren't, but that's the only thing you would have to change to make it vegan.