Thursday, October 14, 2010


I am a vegetarian, and I like to cook tasty food, and especially like baking. A while ago I started a blog about muffins, but pretty soon forgot the login for it, and honestly got a little bored with only doing muffins. So here's a new blog, that's going to be a random collection of recipes that I made and turned out really good. Often, when I bake, I find a recipe, and alter it somehow. So, when that happens, I will link to the original recipe, and then explain what I did differently.
I plan on posting my muffin recipes from the old blog, as well as a few random recipes I have put up on facebook, or have posted on the craigslist vegan/vegetarian forums. So expect a lot of recipes in the next day or two, and then one every week or two after that.

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