Thursday, October 14, 2010

rice, veggies and beans

The rice was pretty tasty, so here's what I did:
I cut open a jalapeno pepper, cut out the seeds and membrane, and chopped it into small strips. Then I put some extra virgin olive oil in a big pot, added the pepper, about 1 tbsp of minced garlic, some mixed frozen red, yellow, and green bell pepper strips, some frozen roasted corn, and 2 cups of rice. I heated this over medium heat and stirred it, until it started sizzling and it started smelling very good. Then I added 5 cups of water, 3 vegetable bouillon cubes, and about 2 cups of roman beans. (I had cooked the beans from dry about a week ago, and then stuck them in the fridge and almost forgot about them. You could put a can of beans in instead.) I covered this and let it cook on medium low heat until the water was mostly absorbed. It tasted good, but needed a little salt.

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